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Booking a guided trip with Jack's Guide Service for a group of employees is a great idea! I can't think of a better way for cherished workers and special clientele to be rewarded for their hard earned efforts. Your guests will experience top notch relaxation, commeradery, entertainment and light-hearted competition while being out on the river.

Don't worry if you aren't an experienced fisherman or outdoorsperson. Your people are in the hands of professionals who's job it is to patiently teach others the joy of angling. I really get a charge out of getting people hooked into hard fighting gamefish and I am always glad to explain techniques and fishing tactics. All trips on the river are a learning experience.

I am more than willing to arrange hotel acommodations and help with any travel advice. The Brookings area has many hotels, several of which I highly recommend. Please feel free to ask me any questions that concern organizing your group fishing trip. I will go out of my way to make certain that all the bases will be covered.

The guides that will be working along with me are all expertly qualified, as well as being licensed, insured and bonded for fishing in Oregon and California. We at Jack's Guide service will gladly organize the specific number of guides needed in order to accommodate large corporate groups. I can assure you that I use only the best, hardest working guides in the area. I make sure that my guides are willing to work as hard for your enjoyment as I am.



I happen to charge a little more for my guide service and I'll tell you why. I work HARD and LONG. I don't routinely get off of the rivers at 2 pm. there are many days where I grind it out from the darkness of early morning to sunset. I put my heart into this job. If the fishing is tough, I try to get tougher! If you want to shop around and save a few dollars...that's your prerogative. Feel free to ask any other guide in the area about my work ethic, then give me a try.

I also happen to be very honest about current fishing conditions. I do my best to prepare my clients for what they can realisticly expect as far as results are concerned for their day on the river. In other words, I don't B.S. or gloss over the truth. I tell it like it is.

Another reason I am worth a bit more is because I am not "all business." I refuse to subject my clients to less than marginal conditions by pretending we're going to catch fish when rivers are really blown out. Also, on those few days where it may be totally flat, as far as our luck is concerned...I am willing to offer a reasonable discount because I want you to stick with me for a chance of redemption!

All driftboat fishing for salmon and steelhead $200.00 per person, per day minimum of two anglers, max.3
Raft trips for steelhead $200.00 per person, per day minimum of two anglers, max.3
Trout float trips $200.00 per person, per day minimum of two anglers, max.3
Trout camping/hiking trips $250.00 per person, per day minimum of two anglers, max.4
*meals provided
Do it yourself trout
camping trips
$200.00 per person, per day minimum of two anglers, max.4
Wild Billy Lake $325.00 per person, per day minimum of two anglers, max.6
*meals provided, *cabin provided
Jet Sled (23' Boice boat, V8, 350 cu. in., fuel injection) $650.00 per day for four or less anglers, $800 per day for max. of five anglers

**All rods, reels, bait and associated tackle will be provided. If you wish to use your own gear I have no problem with it unless it is unsuited for the fishery at hand!!!



A 50% deposit will be required one month prior to the actual date the river trip with remainder of balance due on the actual date of arranged bookings. Cancellations must be made at least two weeks prior to scheduled dates and an emphasis will be placed on rebooking the trip at a future date. I'm sorry, but "no shows" without any timely or reasonable explanations will end up forfeiting deposits.


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