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Fall salmon
There's nothing like leaning back hard into your fishing rod and putting some serious pressure on a sizeable king salmon. These incredible fish hit the scales starting off at about three pounds with the distinct possibility of mature adults pushing the fifty pound mark! Fish on!

I fish a wide variety of rivers in hot pursuit of trophy king salmon. Despite the name, the fall run actually kicks off as early as July on rivers such as the Rogue, Coquille and Umpqua. These early fall migrators congregate in the estuarian tidewater reaches of the lower rivers. The preferred method of fishing for these chrome sided behemoths is to slow troll anchovies and spinner blades across tidal flats and deep spots along the river bed. Generally speaking, you can expect tidewater kings to be fresh, shiny and in excellent shape.

Freestone Fall salmon
This is a popular fishery for a good reason. Catching large salmon is absolutely fun! Freestone salmon fishing begins when late fall rains have raised and swollen the coastal rivers, bringing the salmon migration into full swing. You can actually see the large fish jumping and rolling as they pack into pools! When everything is just right and river conditions are in accordance, one can expect to get into some serious action on salmon averaging fifteen to twenty five pounds. This is truly an exciting fishery... where large fish will definitely test your nerves, as well as your tackle.

The best thing about coming to Brookings for your fishing adventures is that we are located right in the epicenter of salmon and steelhead country. Fantastic salmon fishing can be experienced on an assortment of rivers which fall within an hour's drive. With famous rivers such as the Chetco, Smith, Sixes, Elk and Pistol to choose from, I will make certain to target the 'hottest' one for our fishing effort.

Basically, Freestone fall salmon are available in the coastal rivers from October through December and even into mid January on the Elk and Sixes river, just north of Port Orford.

Winter salmon and steelhead combination trips
From the onset of December through mid January there is an EXCEPTIONAL combination fishery available for large, late season kings with the additional bonus of winter steelhead thrown in for good measure! I consider this to be one of the premier fisheries on the Oregon coast, so, make sure to get your bookings in early for this one! Surprisingly enough, watersheds like Oregon's Chetco and California's Smith Rivers are very uncrowded during this particular time. You can expect the fishing is absolutely dynamite! For those of you who like to fish in uncrowded conditions with plenty of 'elbow room' this is the 'sleeper' fishery of choice.