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Summer steelhead
I pursue summer steelhead on the North Fork of the Umpqua River, out of Roseburg, Oregon from mid-June, July and into August. Summer steelhead vary in size from six to twelve pounds, with even larger fish showing up in the day's catch every now and then. Summer steelheading is the ultimate fair weather fisherman's dream as the daytime temperature encountered ranges between 75-90 degrees. We're talking serious shorts and t-shirt weather here, folks. This is perhaps the only Oregon fishery where rain is considered a rarity and swimming is a plus! Don't forget the sunscreen and hat.

Summer runs are known to bite aggressively, and are famous for being spectacular leapers when on the hook. We will be casting light tackle for these silver beauties lying amongst the Umpqua River's cool green riffles and slots. You can expect to be getting on the river before the roosters crow because the fish bite best before it really begins to bake out!

Winter steelhead
This is one of the most exciting fisheries the Pacific Northwest has to offer! These fish go bananas when they fight! Winter steelhead begin to show up in earnest hot on the heels of the king salmon run. By mid December anglers have solid opportunities to hook into steelhead on all of the coastal rivers in the general vicinity of Brookings, Oregon. These dynamic gamefish are available in excellent numbers all the way through the season's closure on April 1. The average winter steelhead weighs from five to ten pounds. However, there is always a good possibility of landing fish in the twelve to fifteen pound catagory. Trophy steelhead tip the scales in excess of twenty pounds!

*For the serious adventurer, I have a couple raft access only drifts through remote river canyons. These trips involve some moderate portaging which requires direct client participation. These trips are not for the faint of heart! I require my guests to have full length waders and wading shoes for this particular fishery.

Winter salmon and steelhead combination trips
From mid December through mid January there is an EXCEPTIONAL combination fishery available for large, late season kings with the additional bonus of winter steelhead thrown in for good measure! I consider this to be one of the premier fisheries on the Oregon coast, so, make sure to get your bookings in early for this one! Santa Claus deserves the Oregon 'double header!' We will concentrate our fishing efforts on either the famous Sixes or Elk Rivers depending on prevalent water levels at hand. I fully guarantee this to be some of the best fishing to be found in the lower 48 states!