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Fly fishing for trout

Southeastern Oregon's high desert outback and alpine highlands offer an exceptionally diverse array of productive,yet, remote fisheries for the fly fishing enthusiast. I have an arsenal of rivers, creeks and isolated stillwaters that will captivate anyone's angling imagination. Primarilly, we will be pursuing the incredibly adaptive and resilient native desert 'redband' rainbow trout. May, June and July are the prime months to plan your outback flyfishing expedition with Jack's Guide Service.

All trout expeditions are specially tailored to each and every individual group's desires and needs. Fly fishing adventures may range from casual day long float trips in my custom outfitted fourteen foot Avon raft....to challenging hikes down into steep lava rock canyons in order to get a shot at truly undisturbed fish.

I offer a wide range of choices for trout fishing activities... from staying in hotels and day tripping ... to setting up camps in private settings so that we can get a real taste for the surrounding countryside. Have you ever heard Coyotes howl while sleeping under the stars?


Wild Billy Lake

For those of you who absolutely want total privacy there is Wild Billy Lake. I have been granted the special privilege of guiding fly fishermen on this incredibly productive lake. The lake comprises over three hundred surface acres of potential trophy fishing for Kamloops rainbows and Donaldson landlocked steelhead in an exclusively private setting.

Wild Billy Lake is a 'pay for fishing' lake. In other words, I have to pay the owners $150 per angler to fish here. This fee, combined with my own guiding fee...adds up to a steep price. Is it worth it? MOST DEFINITELY!!!! Wild Billy Lake is remote and totally private. There are never more than three boats on it at any given time. The cabins are comfortable and well equipped. And, to top it all off, the fishing is sensational!

The average trout weighs in at around three to four pounds....with the possibility of some even larger slabs (6-8 lbs.!!!) thrown in there every now and again just to keep hopes high and hearts pounding! I can guarantee that these are some of the fastest, strongest fighting trout you have ever encountered. These hardy fish will definitely take you into your backing!

I strongly suggest booking well in advance for Wild Billy... as the word is getting out about the incredible fishing taking place on this scenic and secluded lake.